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Everyone has the potential to achieve whatever they aspire to. 

How do coaching sessions work?

Essentially it is our job to help you get to where you want to be. We base our approach on the principle that you already have all the answers you need, they’re just locked away for now: ask the right questions and you’ll find the right keys.

We will help you find the best pathway to successful results. We will also help you see how much you are truly capable of achieving, based on the premise that most of us use little of our hidden talents, and that attitude shapes lives more strongly than the past or our genes.

Our first one or perhaps two sessions will focus on what you want to achieve and for you to develop some clear goals. Very quickly, usually by the second session, you will find you have made changes, sometimes small but sometimes bigger, in areas that are important to you.

The minimum number of sessions is 4, after that we are flexible. If you are serious about making changes, we guarantee that, with our help and your personal commitment, you will do it.

Who is coaching applicable to?

Coaching can be successful with almost anybody. Examples include:

  • MDs seeking a confidential sounding board and mentor outside the company, in order to grow / change the organisation
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals struggling with balancing work and family pressures.
  • Headteachers seeking a fresh perspective on school improvement and help in becoming more effective as leaders
  • Newly promoted leaders/managers dealing with the challenges of achieving their true potential
  • Individuals wanting to become more confident, to improve their relationships (work and personal), and to improve their communication with others
  • Individuals wanting to turn their career aspirations into reality

What kind of results might you expect to see?

That depends entirely on what you want to achieve.

Coaching has resulted in …

  • increased confidence
  • career changes
  • better relationships
  • increased levels of self-fulfilment
  • better work-life balance

“I looked forward to each coaching session with Clare, her supportive manner, humour and ‘light touch’ built confidence and was like a  stepping stone moving me professionally forward. The sessions looked at my career and personal development but also encouraged me to explore my own wellbeing, a refreshing change from previous leadership courses. If you are thinking of coaching, I cannot recommend Clare enough!”  

Hospital Matron

Torbay & Southern Devon NHS Trust

Clare’s support and guidance has enabled me to gain valuable skills to transition into a senior role. The tools she provided me with and the techniques we practiced have improved my leadership skills, communication style and confidence. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done. I’d highly recommend Clare as a Coach.

Head of Finance

The Exeter

From simply filling in an initial short document the conversation and coaching that I received from Clare was excellent. I could not have predicted the amount of positive change from the first to the last session. Clare has a lovely approach and coaching style and each session built on the last one in a logical and constructive way. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is genuinely looking to develop themselves.                  

Director of College Operations

University of Exeter

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